Karen Hanlon

Dear Assembly Member

I am writing to you on behalf of the hair and beauty industry about the decision to close salons. This sector of the economy is one of the most hygienic there is.

I have carried out a survey via social media on hair and beauty support pages and the results prove that we are NOT high risk of transmission of the virus. I find it shocking that places like churches, gyms, soft play areas and Turf-accountants can remain open where the risk of infection is much higher! whilst Hair and Beauty salons cannot. As observed by many of my colleagues, Petrol stations continually have workmen walking in with no masks on. At the supermarket or any retail shop, items can be handled and put back with no sanitizing taking place!

You have allowed therapeutic services to continue, I would argue that hair and beauty services are therapeutic! From a mental health perspective, getting your hair or nails etc done has a huge impact on a clients mental wellbeing!

As regards to the results of the survey :-

Ref question 2 The number of clients per week :

0 -50 (band 1) is difficult to quantify exactly, but by assuming 25 clients x 154 salons x 15 weeks open = 57,750 clients

Regarding band 2 and 3, if we assume the minimum number of clients respectively, 51 (band 2) and 101 clients per week:

51 clients x 83 salons x 15 weeks open = 63,495 clients

101 clients x 37 salons x 15 weeks open = 56,055 clients

Therefore, we estimate a total number of 177,300 clients as a low estimate. The real number will be higher based upon the minimum range of client numbers used in the calculations. Only 13 clients contacted the salons to confirm they were covid-19 +!

Of those 13 clients 9 confirmed they later went to a bar, restaurant or other social gathering!

With permission from 1 salon that had 1 positive case from a client they had 3795 clients over 3 different locations since reopening and only 1 case with no evidence it was transmitted from the salon!

Ref question 3 PPE:-

100% use hand sanitizer on entry to salon
100% use masks/visors
100% use disinfectant/barbicide

The percentages of salons that do not have Perspex screens in place either have enough space for 2 meters social distancing or work alone on a 1 to 1 basis.

The percentage that do not use disposable gowns, towels or aprons have clean items for each client and are washed at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees.

92.59% of salons using paper towels , those that are not are either mobile or toilets are closed to the public.

Ref question 7 Have you or any of your staff tested positive for Covid-19?

No 96.67%
Yes 3.33%

Ref question 8 If yes what action was taken?

The correct action was taken from everyone that tested positive and there were no transmissions in the salons!

So here you have real statistics that prove the hair and beauty industry is not a high risk in transmitting the virus. The Assembly cannot provide any evidence showing we are!

I therefore request that you review the evidence presented to you in this survey and get our salons back open with immediate effect.


Survey results (From a total of 269 Hair and Beauty salons)

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